pre HT writing

as far as i know, human trafficking is and unacceptable action committed by a human being toward another human. This happens by means of kidnapping  or removal of an individual and forcing them into an unnecessary situation, this happens to men women and children. Results are are prostitution, mail order brides and more unimaginable categories. this is an evident issue in the united states, as it is looked down upon, other countries have different perspectives on this subject. This is a very controversial topic and an interesting one at that. All the while it is a subject that isnt spoken of enough. Putting any human in a situation that is out of their control is out of the question, we are better than that and treating anyone like an animal is out of the question. my intent with this inquiry is to find out the reasoning as to why human trafficking has been happening and to why it is still happening. I plan on going into why it happens in america and to how its going on, as well as outside of the U.S., economies and the selling of children in foreign countries.


One thought on “pre HT writing

  1. Overall i think your post is very good, it tells the reader what you’re clearly trying to make your research paper on. This is a pretty interesting topic as it can relate to my topic about law enforcement. is article talks about what, where, and who’s associated in human trafficking, and what the percentages are and why they are part of human trafficking. Like what are the men being used for, what the women are being used for, why are they being kidnapped. Does it have to relate to their looks? their bloodline? This Article can be a good start to your topic.


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