6/29 annotation: debt bondage

In “Fightslaverynow.org”, informs the reader on numerous categories and outcomes of human trafficking such as domestic servitude, child labor, the products of labor abuse and debt bondage. “Debt bondage is the most frequently used ploy to control victims of both labor and sex trafficking”. More times than not victims are illegal immigrants that are lured with promises of economic opportunity to a place too far from home. they incur fines and debt by using tools and living expenses such as rent, water, and toilet facilities. victims are told they are being paid yet never see payment and continue to be debted for the rest of their lives. Some victims accumulate so much debt that “many swallow poison to escape the web of debt”,  in doing so victims with families in these labor camps pass their debt onto the children and the rest of their family. The common targets are the under educated and illiterate, those that can speak only their own language are in the worst situation, constant reminders of their illegal status, threats against families and imprisonment occur on the day to day basis to keep victims in line and continue cooperation.

Debt Bondage



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