7/18 annotation

In “sex trafficking: the new american slavery”, Leif Coorlim and Dana Ford inform us that Atlanta, Georgia is one the biggest spots in america that trafficking and selling women and children for sex occurs. Atlanta is a big city and has a variety of entertainment, this coupled with the Atlanta airport being one of the biggest airport makes it difficult for law enforcement to find and apprehend pedophiles and child rapist. all of this going on in one spot led to findings from 2007 that said, “Atlanta’s illegal sex industry generates $290 million a year”. one account of a police raid led officials to an underage victim awaiting a man but when met with authorities she was found with a logo tattoo on her which is how pimps marked them. she caught a bus ride from Detroit to work in Atlanta. georgia law allows leniency if a vitim chooses to go to a safe home, if not they are stuck going to jail. this girl was, “happy in her misery”. ¬†sacharay, who was first picked up on by a man at a barbershop at the age of 14, after being sent there from a girl she met at school was stuck with a man because she didn’t get the attention she needed from anyone else in her life. she was picked on in school and ended up working for the man at the barber shop where various acts were carried out in hopes of getting this mans affection. she was taken advantage of an exploited, she was later able to get away and found help in a non-profit organization, “the living water center”, here she was able to get her life back on track. she got a GED and was able to get a legitimate job. everyday there are numerous examples like sacharay that occur.


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