planning the inquiry project

I plan on making a zine for my project. I’m choosing the zine because i want to project my ideas to the young people, being as they are the targets in human trafficking. They are more distracted by colors and pictures which i will employee into my zine. Creating simple powerful messages to convey the fact that this can happen anytime anywhere. Kids like color and they have a bigger social bubble than adults who have a small social bubble and are more concerned with their jobs and bills, whereas a kids and young adults are more social and i feel that by putting my precautions out to them they will be more prone to spreading the flags to watch for among themselves. The zine is a physical object, a website is something that has to be accessed through a phone, computer, or device. I feel that going to the basics with this message will leave an obvious impression that can’t be closed or passed up on. I could speak on this subject but so many people have spoke on it already along with doing fundraisers and donations, and honestly i’m sure that even if i did do a presentation as amazing and Oscar worthy as it would be some student would definitely get distracted and have to check their phone during my speech. I am going to pass on writing a paper because, again, so many papers have already been written. It would be up to the public to find the paper and then have to read it. I would rather make a truthfully obscene piece that grips the reader and shocks them, an in your face approach of “don’t get too comfortable” is what i’m looking to impose on the viewer. I am lost on punctuality in this course as well as not being tech savvy on making a video game, if i were i would have to make something as guttural as rock star’s manhunt from so many years ago. I feel that would be only honest way to serve this message of what’s going on to a viewer. As arrogant as i am coupled with my cynical attitude i’m not to fond of putting my mug on the internet for the world to see, not to say that i would have a Brazilian views on youtube, it just doesn’t seem like i would have the assets to “break” the subject of human trafficking into the internet. Actually i would have to get my hair done and put a suit on if i was to make a video, i got a lot on my plate at this time. The zine feels like my best option for pushing a crude truthful message to the reader. I plan on doing something like when Alex Murphy was killed in Robocop, the original, not the reboot which was horrible. Not some sympathy advertisement with background music by Sarah McLachlan showing sad cats and dogs narrated by David Duchovny telling me about animal rights. I’m thinking more like pictures of kids in chains while being transported illegally, moms with backs turned going about their lives as some stranger walks off with their kid crying because she just sold them off with no mercy to pay her bills in a shit hole town, unable to find the will to move on and find something better for herself so she becomes content in the cesspool excuse of a life she has accepted. Probably some pictures with first hand accounts written on top of the picture. Information bits strewn about the pictures in the zine including stats and timelines. If i can find a atrocious picture of a person with missing parts and and the main body intact i’ll use that to convey the precision and professionalism that goes into organ harvesting while the remnants of the individual remain untouched showing just how prominent of an issue harvesting is, the fact that somebody goes out of their way to pick these pieces in a surgical manner shows just how highly valued these organs are in today’s modern society. I figure i’ll incorporate the approach that Paul McCartney uses for in regards of animal rights, specifically his emphasis in “glass walls”, and how if the society could see into a slaughterhouse they would stop eating meat. Similarly i feel that i we were to put down our phones and let go of entitled attitudes while investing in the youth our future may be a able to flourish from what we currently have. Simply put if you were able to witness the act of human abduction or falsification, be it child or adult you would be left with the bitter taste of disregard for innocence of the victim and the desperation of the trafficker. The following acts that ensue be it organ harvesting, sex trafficking or tying a person down with debt bondage for a selfish idea is all the same, one human being taking advantage of another. In a perfect world i would love to see people become more self aware after going through my piece. Not to the point of people over exaggerating the concept thinking that everyone is out to get them like a social justice warrior, but more of an aware person. Somebody thinking to themselves “yes, i need money but going to a country that i don’t known the local language or anything about may be one of the most ludicrous ideas i have had as of yet.” to know that something is too good to be true in a suspicious situation is the main idea i want the viewer to leave with. As stated earlier kids and young adults are more prone to be in groups and if they would be aware of what’s going on in this world, if i could instill the idea that “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”, i would be a happy person. Even though trafficking happens to everyone on the physical scale i would make it known that those in poor living conditions are the biggest targets based on their desperation to get out of such living circumstances. In order to enact a change on trafficking we would have to look at ourselves and want to change, asking ourselves,” do i really need another mall?”, “do we need another highway?”, putting people to work illegally for you to have a “better” life. Death comes to everyone there is no need to fear it, especially if it means taking advantage of another person to prolong your life a few more years. if  we could enact a change in the standards of mental health and research to find out what causes and prevents sex trafficking in children and adults that would be a great change. The fact that we have the ability to see what a different country looks like geographically on a phone’s GPS is amazing yet we still have people that think sleeping with a virgin will remove a disease or illness from their body. A bigger example would be how elephants and rhinos are hunted for the ivory in their tusks and horns, then they went on the endangered species list. If we continue, we may end up endangering humanity at own hands. If i can seem some form of expression from people walking away from my piece i will be content, it could be disgust, despair, sadness, impressed, surprised, as long as my message will make them think, this is suspicious later in their life when a situation presents itself i will be ok.


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