7/24 annotation

In “human trafficking survivor: i was raped 43,200 times” Rafael Romo fills the reader in on the “…brutal realities of human trafficking in mexico and the united states…” this particular subject if Karla Jacinto who while going through this interview emphasizes the number of 43,200 which is the number of times she was raped over a period of 4 years. the article highlights the small town of tenancingo. mexico. with a population of 13,000 it fits the standard of where trafficking begins. small enough to have a community but not big enough to draw attention of a bigger population. the textbook steps of recruitment continue from this town, sweet talking a young woman into following a pimp to this town and then breaking them down and moving them from town to town. karla recounts later on how she was picked up at the age of 12 and tricked into moving in with him.  flags had went off after a few months and karla asked her lover what he was doing and she found out he was a pimp. he then told her how to work and how to get money. karla became an advocate for human trafficking and continues to spread awareness of the subject.


In “Human traffickers using migration crises to force more people into slavery”, Jennifer Rankin tells us that more criminal gangs are intercepting children during migration movements for use in sex and labor trafficking.  en route to asylum in Europe children are target because they are easy to kidnap, they are easier to replace and easier to keep under control. males are sought after for agricultural work. “traffickers are increasingly exploiting legal migration routes  by persuading non-EU nationals to apply for asylum or a residence permit.” this means that as long as immigration issues continue to be in the spotlight, these routes will be plagued by traffickers picking off the young on their way to a different life. its later stated that its better to leave the criminals that commit the trafficking in Europe than to deport them and have their actions continue elsewhere.



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