7/26 annotation

In “US finds progress slow against human trafficking in africa”, Anita Powell explains that in 2015 the department of trafficking released a report in regards of numbers that showed that africa continued to be a source and destination of trafficking. just as well, not one african country made it onto the top tier list. due to the recent migrant issues most migrants went to europe  because there was little screening issues to go through as compared to other countries. being in a situation where a migrant has nothing to lose puts them at high risk, this status makes them vulnerable to traffickers false promises of safety and shelters. the different patterns of movement create uncertainty for  law enforcement and a variety of options for traffickers to pick and choose. while ten countries in africa slid to the 2nd tier,  tier 3 status reduces a countries non-humanitarian, non-trade-related assistance from the US.  some improvement was made in Africa as 6 countries began to introduce anti-trafficking legislation. “half of the 27 nations on the tier 3 list are in africa.” this demonstrates just how big africa is a contributor and factor in the trafficking system. some people believe that they can move up in the rankings this year, Natalie Ogden founded the Red Light Anti Human Trafficking Initiative, which “helps victims of sex trafficking in the south African city of Durban.”



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