7/31 annotation

In “7 ways technology is fighting human trafficking”, Rebecca Sadwick tells us the demand for younger boys and girls in trafficking “..is not diminishing, rather, preferences for younger and younger children is pervasive. advances in technology are working in favor of both those against and for trafficking. its used to recruit victims and communicate with buyers easier. this same technology allows law enforcement to monitor actions made online too. some forms of tech that assist in monitoring trafficking include the spotlight tool, it aggregates data from online sex ads, reducing investigation times. the national human trafficking resource center. cybertipline allows community member to report suspected exploitation of children. January 11th is human trafficking day, its focus is to “…raise public consciousness about the grave acts of labor and commercial sexual exploitation…” its plan is to band together to stop the worlds fastest growing crime.


In “Human trafficking : the modern form of slavery eating up east Africa”,  Bamuturaki Musinguzi tells us a few more labor and sex trafficking spots in Africa mainly Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. studies reveal at any time it is expected that 27  million people are being trafficked. each country is ranked on tiers of 1 through 4 depending on their situations. tier 1 countries comply with the minimum standard of elimination of trafficking.  tier 3 countries are not following the standard and are not making any efforts to do so in the future.  tier 2 countries do not follow the standards abut are making significant changes  for future enforcement of standards. each country varies on the rankings but the fact that this legislation is in motion shows that the country as a whole is able to agree that this change is necessary for the future. failed prosecutions in trafficking offenses have led to gaps in the existing laws and failure to complete a comprehensive draft of this law.



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