8/2 annotation

In “Slave labor in america today”, Jeanne Sahadi covers the process of foreign workers being lured to america for employment and then being caught up in debt and “recruitment fees”. the process starts with recruiters pushing agendas around, “…employment in america would offer them a unique opportunity…” recruiters then leave out important info like hours of work per day, nature of work and benefits.  wages are about the same as minimum wage and benefits are added making the wages seem like they even each other out. after signing a contract victims are coached into getting a visa, emergency contact info is never communicated to the victim and more times than not victims are interviewed in the presence of the trafficker. after a victim begins working they experience abuse in both physical and mental avenues. their pay is not enough to buy food, once their fees are covered, they never see any health insurance and they are stuck on the work site working more hours than negotiated. as the visas are with the jobs, debt and immigration status are used to keep the victim at the job site. this ha yet to be uncovered as it is not a priority in our current law enforcement agencies.


In “Largest Human Trafficking Case Leads to 40-Year sentence”, Brad Wong  tells us about the recent record of human trafficking made by Kil Soo Lee, caught in Hawaii running a garment factory.  he was later ordered to pay 1.8 million dollars in restitution to 300 of his Vietnamese and Chinese people that were lured in by the typical tricks. the workers paid an initial $8000 to get to the factory during its operation from 1998 to 2001. after Lee’s sentencing some victims were granted a “T visa”, which allowed the trafficking victims residency in the states. during one of the confrontations between workers and guards a seamstress lost an eye and another worker had his eardrum shattered. after two lawyers found out about the labor camp FBI agents brought Lee in for trial. the next step is for the victims to receive back pay from their situation, Lee owes them $3.5 million collectively. with Lee claiming bankruptcy the victims may have to work their restitution out with the government. These issues are still pending rectification.


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